Frequently Asked Questions


At CJ Homes, we make the entire home building process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you.  

Before we build your new home, we’ll provide all the information and details you need so you can proceed with more confidence and peace of mind. 

To help you at the start of your home building journey, we’ve provided answers to some of the questions you might have already: 



Yes, we are fully licensed builders and are licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. 

CJ Homes Pty Ltd, QBCC Act Licence No: 1062071

We have been building exceptional homes and houses since 2004.

At CJ Homes, we’re all about giving you good old-fashioned value for money. We do this by providing outstanding workmanship, exceptional customer service, and a genuine desire to give you the home you’ve always wanted.

We specialise in the design and construction of single storey, double storey, and acreage homes. We can also build a custom designed home for you to help you turn your dream home into reality.

We follow a clear and organised building process to make sure your home is built as planned and with as few delays and issues as possible. We split our process into three sections (Approvals, Construction, and Completion), which represent the three main stages of our home building process. Learn more about our building process.

Our home build packages come with a variety of standard inclusions for both the internal and external aspects of your home. View our list of standard inclusions to find out more.

The style and size of your home and the shape and elevation of your land will have some impact on the time it takes to build your home. Other factors can also come into play that are out of our hands such as Council or Covenant approvals. We measure building time from when construction commences. On single storey homes this may be approximately six months, whereas on double storey homes the build time is almost 11 months. We will always keep you updated with the progress of your home and let you know if there are any unexpected or unforeseen delays.

We can build your home throughout the greater Brisbane region and parts of Central Queensland. If you’re not sure whether we can build in your preferred location, have a chat with us to find out.

You can visit our display homes to see some of our home designs in person. You can also contact us if you want more details about our home designs.

Yes, we can design a new home from your concepts. Our inhouse Building Designers can work with you to modify our exclusive CJ Homes designs or create a custom design home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Yes, we do! We provide Full Turn Key Solution offering many high quality inclusions from our extensive range of products, so you can move in without doing anymore.  Also, our Fixed Price Contracts include all associated fees and charges up front. This way, you know exactly how much you’re paying and you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges at the end.

The NCC updates focus on improving residential energy efficiency standards. These changes will enhance the energy performance of new homes, promoting comfort, cost savings, and provide a greener future through emissions reductions.  

Queensland will adopt the updates, implementing the NCC Housing Energy Efficiency standards. New homes will be required to achieve a 7-star rating for the building shell which includes roofs, walls, windows, and floors. A Whole of Home energy assessment is also required encouraging the use of energy efficient appliances and equipment throughout the home.


To achieve a 7-star rating, homes will incorporate features such as optimal orientation, improved insulation, energy-efficient windows/glazing, ceiling fans, and lighter-coloured roofs. These elements contribute to greater comfort and reduced energy consumption.

CJ Homes will need to prioritise energy-efficient design strategies, such as proper orientation, improved glazing, zoning between spaces, additional insulation and the use of light roof and wall colours to achieve compliance with the new standards.


CJ Homes  will conduct site-specific Energy Reports for each new home, detailing the energy performance and compliance with the 7-star rating and Whole of Home energy assessment. The Energy Report will take place once plans have been finalised to the client’s satisfaction.

To enable our team to provide you with an accurate Fixed Price Contract, we will inspect the property and obtain reports such as the Builders Energy Report beforehand. After assessing this information, we will draw preliminary plans for your new home. The cost for undertaking this initial work is $1500.