Knock Down and Rebuild

Knock Down & Rebuild

If you love where you’re living right now but want a new home for your family, then a Knock Down and Rebuild may be your best option. We offer professional knock down and rebuilds in Brisbane that can give you your dream home in the perfect location. With CJ Homes, you can build the home you’ve always wanted without having to relocate and settle in a different place.

Call (07) 3245 7717 or contact us to learn more about our knock down and rebuild service in Brisbane.

Why Knock Down & Rebuild?



  •  Build a new home in the same location.
    Get all the perks and joys of a new home while avoiding the stress of relocating or resettling.
  • Stay in your neighbourhood and community.
    Enjoy all the friendships and amenities in your current neighbourhood.
  •  Create the home you want.
    Get the house you’ve always wanted or improve your current home to match your new needs and preferences.
  • Boost the value of your property.
    Increase your property’s value with a new home built over the land you own.



  • Stay in the same school district.
    If you have children, your kids can continue studying in the same school.
  • Avoid relocation fees and costs.
    Avoid paying for stamp duties, agent fees, and other costs related to buying or building a new home in a different location.
  • Save money making big changes.
    If you want to change significant parts of your current home, knock down & rebuilds can often be more cost-efficient than renovations. Rebuilds also typically have more warranty options than renovations.



Trusted Builders for Knock Down and Rebuilds


If you want to knock down and rebuild your home, CJ Homes is here to help you build the home you’ve always wanted. We can knock down your current house safely and build a new home that has all the features you want. Whether you want to update your old family home or simply want a home that caters to new changes in your life, we can help you get the home you want in the location you love.

We’ve been building dream homes in Queensland since 2004, and we can transform your old home into something better and more fitting to your current needs.

Call (07) 3245 7717 or send us a message to have a chat with our team and get started.



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