Knock Down and Rebuild

Knock Down & Rebuild

Brand New Stylish Designed Homes

Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Moreton Bay Regions

With land scarce in some areas, you may find building a new home in traditionally established suburbs in Moreton, Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, or Logan a worthwhile investment. Or you may love living where you are now, but you’ve fallen out of love with your current home. With the right house design we can build a brand new home on your existing block, the way you want it.

We’ve also helped savvy property investors keen to subdivide and build multiple houses in traditional suburbs. You can take the opportunity to knock down older properties and rebuild new stylish affordable homes, appealing to high end tenants in popular suburbs.

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Why Knock Down and Rebuild?


  •  Build a new home in the same location.
    Get all the perks and joys of a new home while avoiding the stress of relocating or resettling.
  • Stay in your neighbourhood and community.
    Enjoy all the friendships and amenities in your current neighbourhood.
  •  Create the home you want.
    Get the house you’ve always wanted or improve your current home to match your new needs and preferences.
  • Boost the value of your property.
    Increase your property’s value with a new home built over the land you own.


  •  Stay in the same school district.
    If you have children, your kids can continue studying in the same school.
  • Avoid relocation fees and costs.
    Avoid paying for stamp duties, agent fees, and other costs related to buying or building a new home in a different location.
  • Save money making big changes.
    If you want to change significant parts of your current home, knock down & rebuilds can often be more cost-efficient than renovations. Rebuilds also typically have more warranty options than renovations.


Homeowners – Redesign Your Home to Suit your Needs and Lifestyle

At CJ Homes we understand your needs may have changed over time. Your children have grown, and you need more space but don’t want to leave the neighbourhood.

Or you’ve lived in your home since you were first married, and now you’re empty nesters, or ready to retire but your home is too big, or highset with too many stairs.  Downsizing to a single level with luxury comforts, or support facilities for later in life, is your best option. Now you can stay in the neighbourhood close to friends, family and health facilities and your favourite entertainment and shopping areas. 

Looking for Land?

Buying the worst house in the best street and removing or demolishing it is a good option too. There are plenty of older run down homes in established suburbs, north of Brisbane, Western, Southern and Bayside areas. Please make sure these can be demolished before you buy and don’t have any heritage restrictions. A rundown home with plenty of land, sea views or close to beaches or parklands would be perfect for you to build your dream home. You can tap into the capital growth of these suburbs and watch your new home increase in value, exponentially. 

Look for opportunities in older suburbs or rezoned areas where you can purchase large blocks with two titles or land that can be subdivided. Consider building upwards, instead of out, and maximise views. The design options are endless, no matter the shape or size of your land.

Renovate or Rebuild?

Don’t waste time and money renovating. You can never be sure, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect results or keep renovations within budget because there are so many unknowns. You may encounter wood rot, mould, electrical faults, water damage or worse termites.

Architects or commercial drafting services can be expensive too. You can save these costs, and build new using our easily modified designs or we can design something unique with our Custom Design and Build service. Whatever you choose, there won’t be any surprises, and no hidden costs with our Fixed Price Contract and Full Turn Key Solution.  You can budget accurately, and we will build it, ready for you to move in. 

What You Need to Know about Knocking Down and Rebuilding

Here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Demolition approval from Council.
  2. Costs associated with demolition or removal, and what’s involved.
  3. If you suspect you may have asbestos, contact a specialist removal company.
  4. Obtain a detailed survey of your land (survey will help to define your boundary, as well as provide valuable information such as sewer lines and services).
  5. You may need an application for sewer removal and power removal.
  6. Development Approval will be required. Check with your local Council regarding building considerations and restrictions.
  7. Soil tests will be required.

Experts in Knocking Down and Rebuilding New Homes

Not all builders want to get involved in Knock Down and Rebuilds. At CJ Homes we love a challenge.  Whether your existing home is on a narrow block, acreage, sloping block, or multiple titles, we can help bring your vision of a brand new home to life.

How to Start

First, work with our New Home Specialists who are experienced in Knock Down and Rebuilds. Together, we can help you navigate the maze of gaining approvals for this process.  We’ll also help you find a house design to suit your block or that can be easily modified.  You’ll save thousands in drafting fees using our existing designs. Alternatively, our Building Design team can develop a unique Custom Design specifically to suit your needs and in line with your land, and Council requirements, for a small refundable design fee.

Once you have confirmed your house design, contract, finance, and approvals, we can recommend Demolition experts, and start the building process.

Complete the form below and we can start planning your new home with you.  

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