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What is a Hampton-Style Home?

Taking great inspiration from the famous beachside community homes in Long Island, New York, Hampton-Style Homes have greatly become one of Australia's most sought-after home designs.

The casual and relaxed yet refined take on a timeless home design seems to have made a deep connection with Australian sensibilities. This is probably because Hampton-style homes can be seen as the perfect marriage of classic sophistication and casual beach living. Wherever you may be in Australia, a Hampton Home can be your perfect living space.


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hamptons style house

hampton style homes

Come Home To A Vacation 

Hampton-Style houses were originally designed for entertaining guests. The open-plan interiors that integrate seamlessly with the spacious, symmetrical yards are meant to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere for guests and those who live there. From chic interiors to clean-drawn exterior silhouettes, Hampton Homes are sure to invoke the feeling of coming home to a vacation every day.

Murchison Hamptons                            

Mantra Hamptons

Get Your Very Own Hampton-Style Home


With our custom home building service, you can design your very own Hampton-Style Façade home. CJ Homes will guide you throughout the design, drafting, and colour consultations, but you’ll have the choice to include all the features and furnishings that will let you call your Hampton-Style home truly yours. Check out our blog to find out more about Hampton-Style homes and what makes them highly sought-after. 

If you want your vision of living in your very own Hampton-Style home turned into reality, contact CJ Homes today. Since 2004, we have been providing the communities of Queensland with highly reliable home building services and remarkable customer care. Let our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals guide you step-by-step into living in your fully customised Hampton-Style home.


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