What is a Hampton Style Home?

What are Hampton Style Homes?

Taking great inspiration from the famous beachside community homes in Long Island, New York, Hampton Homes have become one of Australia's most sought-after home designs. The casual and relaxed yet refined take on a timeless home design seems to have made a deep connection with Australian sensibilities. This is probably because Hampton-style homes can be seen as the perfect marriage of classic sophistication and casual beach living. Wherever you may be in Australia, a Hampton Home can be your perfect living space.

Hampton-Style houses were originally designed for entertaining guests. The open-plan interiors that integrate seamlessly with the spacious, symmetrical yards are meant to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere for guests and those who live there. From chic interiors to clean-drawn exterior silhouettes, Hampton Homes are supposed to invoke the feeling of coming home to a vacation every day.


Defining Characteristics

Weatherboard-Style Cladding – While this exterior element may have been originally put in place for functionality, to protect beachside homes from the constant sea spray and the year-round chance of rain, this Colonial New England-style façade has become the defining aesthetics of Hampton Style Homes.

Timber Flooring – Nothing can set a more natural feel and look better than wooden floors, and Hampton Style Homes have become synonymous with casual, coastal feels. Designers can further enhance natural aesthetics by pairing natural wood flooring with natural fibre rugs and carpets. While modern Hampton Style Home twists can feature light natural slate tiles, it's the dark wooden floors that give the classic, sophisticated finish.

Timber Staircase – This arguably non-negotiable feature allows designers to showcase the timeless, classic feel of a Hampton Style Home. Dark, natural wood steps juxtaposed with white railings allow for a visual manifestation of sophisticated relaxation.

Lighting and Space – The open-plan living space that allows the sun to flow through to the home's heart is essential in setting a Hampton Home atmosphere. This is achieved further with large, spacious windows and French doors that open up to summer-longing verandahs. To complement and enhance the natural lighting, light, mostly white wall paint is contrasted against burly oak floors. The seamless flow of natural light through the abode gives Hampton Style Homes their distinctive coastal living ambience.

Furnishing – Hampton-Style furniture should radiate feelings of relaxation and sophistication. Imagine generous seating with white upholstery contrasting against dark oakwood flooring or a neutral-coloured rug. Beside the luxurious sofa sits a side table as elegant as the rest of the house. Traditional Hampton Style colour schemes feature sharp contrasts of light and dark, accented with natural shades or nautical accents. The windows should let in as much light as possible, so heavy blinds and curtains are not an option. Slim, white Venetian blinds can give a sense of privacy without compromising the flow of natural light.

Shaker-Style Cabinetry – From the kitchen to the bathroom and laundry area, shaker-style designs offer clean lines and a simple yet elegant look. This timeless design allows itself to blend in seamlessly with various kitchen styles without losing its own appeal.


Bringing the Hamptons to Australia

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