Building Process

  1. Approvals

    Plans of your new property need to be approved by the local Council authority. Before these can be submitted they need to be produced by a qualified draftsperson. This process is started as soon as you notify CJ Homes of your finance approval and provide your initial deposit for the house to begin construction.

    When settlement of the land has occured, we can send these plans to Council for approval. Length of approval varies and depends mainly on the Council we are submitting the plans to. This can take anywhere from two to five weeks. Upon receipt of the approved plans we can commence construction.

  2. Construction

    Slab Pour

    Step one in construction is laying the foundations for the house - commonly called “the slab.” In most cases this is a big slab of concrete through which runs the plumbing for sewerage and stormwater purposes. It is the foundation of the house on which we will build all the other components apart from outdoor areas, such as the patio. Slab stage is usually completed in two weeks.

    Frame Assembly

    Framing of the house will hold up the walls and support the roof, think of it as the skeleton of the house. All the electrical and plumbing components for the house are placed inside this frame, the roof structure is also put in place. Frame stage is usually completed in two weeks.

    House Enclosed

    This is the most exciting part of the construction as all the roof, windows, ceilings and walls are fixed to the frame and slab. By the end of this stage we have what looks like a home. Enclosed stage is usually completed in three - four weeks.

    Fixings Internal and External

    Means the stage when all internal, lining, architraves, cornice, skirting, doors to rooms, baths, showers trays, wet area tiling, built-in shelves, built-in cabinets and built in cupboards of a building are fitted and fixed in position. Fixing stage is usually completed in four weeks.

  3. Completion

    Practical Completion

    At this stage the house is 95% complete, final touches are being done including fencing, turfing and landscaping.

    We are only two weeks away from giving you the keys and it is the perfect time for you to point out any items you would like us to attend to. From here we need to ask the bank to release the final payment and this takes us to the last stage of building your property. Practical completion stage is usually completed in four weeks.

    Handing Over the Keys

    Your keys are now ready for you and/or your property manager. Your property is complete and ready for you to move into!